EnVision 2020

Intentions | Planning | Momentum

Sunday, December 8th, 2019

Led by Amrita Madhusudan



2020 is quickly approaching. What do you want to have happen this new year?

The end of the year is a great time to pause, reflect, and plan. Looking back at the last year can be both challenging and exciting.  

What if there was a fun, easy way you could:

  • Understand why some things worked perfectly and others didn’t go according to plan, even though you gave it your all? 
  • Get clear on what you want to achieve in the year ahead?
  • Build momentum, even before 2019 ends, so that 2020 is off to the best possible start for you?  

It isn’t as far-fetched or scary as it might seem.

EnVision 2020 with Amrita Madhusudan is a unique goal-setting and vision-boarding workshop. It’s designed to take you from feeling lost, panicked, or frustrated about your goals, to having clarity on what you want to achieve, and the confidence that you can do it!  

No more groaning at the thought of setting new year resolutions that once again, might not work.

Instead, you'll have confidence and the ability to go after what you want.

This interactive 4-hour experience is for you if:

  • You have a dream that you’ve been longing to fulfill 
  • You’re tired of the hamster wheel of trying and failing to make your dreams come true 
  • You’re overwhelmed and not sure where to start (so you often don’t start at all
  • You’ve had enough of feeling frustrated and disappointed with yourself 
  • You’re open-minded and ready for a new approach! 

EnVision 2020 combines the best of habit formation research with proven emotional healing techniques to help you start 2020 fresh and on the right foot.


 What you'll get:

  • Tools to give you clarity and focus on your goals
  • Strategies to help when things don't go as planned
  •  All the materials needed to create a beautiful and inspiring vision board
  • Refreshments!  

All this for just ₹2000.

Join us on Sunday, December 8th, at 2pm, as we take a deep dive into exactly what you want and how you can get there! 


Amrita Madhusudan is a trained neuroscientist, and a certified coach and emotional wellness practitioner. She helps people like you, who are trying to reach a goal, to stop wasting time and energy, and reach their goals with less stress and more joy.

She combines practicality and creativity to engage your entire being in an experience that creates lasting change.

Creating a vision board is an exciting and joyful process that makes your dreams tangible and ensures you’re 100% committed and raring to go! Your dreams and goals are closer than you think!


The Venue

EnVision 2020 is happening at the beautiful Courtyard. Find it here!

Questions? Amrita is happy to answer them, and talk to you!

  • Phone: +91 7619415918
  • Email: events@effortlessbreathlessness.com

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